The Future of Social Media: Understanding the Changing Dynamics of a “Technological World”

This week, I wanted to write about a topic that we all know, probably way too well: social media. Social media has grown tremendously over the past decade and practically consumes our lives. According to the Pew Research Website, around there are around 200 million active social media users in the United States alone! If you are super interested in more detailed statistics, broken down by platform, definitely check out the Pew Research site!

A more compelling interest of mine is what social media will look like in the future. Because technology is ever changing, it could be beneficial to understand what these differences will look like. Technology is becoming super important in both the workplace and our personal lives. I researched the three social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to discover what changes businesses could face through their marketing efforts and internal communications. My main discoveries center around use of more video content, creation of social groups within each page, and being able to pay to avoid ads. Check out what I found below!



  • Augmented reality (AR) will continue to grow
    • Addition of more camera features that will allow users to be more creative with their live videos and posts
    • Advertisers can use AR to market their products by making their ads fun and interactive
  • Businesses will begin to use Facebook as a main source of communication
    • Facebook’s Workplace feature allows teams to collaborate and connect easily and more efficiently than through email
    • Offers a dropbox service to store company files
    • could be cheaper than other team collaborating software
  • Ad relevance will increase and become more personalized based on Facebook’s artificial intelligence data
    • offers a wide range of ideas on how to improve a businesses’ ad relevance score



  • Journalism and news outlets will continue to dominate Twitter and become the most sought after way to view news
    • will create social discussion and debates over controversial news topics
    • will provide context for journalists to understand what the public wants to hear
  • According to, the video platform will grow
    • ad sales will increase by using video which will prevent users from skimming past text tweets
    • since character count is limited, video will provide a more creative and detailed way to consume content
    • Meltwater and Hootsuite are great programs that can help a business keep track of their videos and posts



  • Video will become increasingly important
    • it allows people to see what is happening around the world in real time
    • Instagram stories will become longer and more complex
    • video allows for more authenticity and helps create brand awareness
    • more creative ways to capture video and technology grows
  • Instagram will shift from being a small portion of a media plan to a main part due to its growth
    • According to, 75% of Instagram users engage by visiting a company’s website or making a purchase
    • There will be new ways to be creative and to keep up with the algorithm
  • There will be more shopping options
    • Addition of links to Instagram stories
    • E-Commerce with grow tremendously
    • Shopify will increase shopping habits through Instagram. It will become a digital catalog

I hope this information was interesting and can help you in your marketing efforts. Whether you are branding yourself or a business. It is always, in my opinion, to keep up with technological advancements and changes in order to grow!

Happy posting!


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